Do you need to make savings in your business?  If answer is yes
 then improve your processes to eliminate wasted time, materials or energy. 

If you need help in identifying opportunities to improve, either email me or call me today.

Think about your website, does it work for you or is it a drain on your resources? If you have a website or would like to build one then Email me now  or give me a call.

Think about what your customers want from your business are you doing things which do not add any value to your product or your customer.

Do you use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising? Does it pay? What are your returns on your advertising investment?

Let me manage your PPC campaigns, No Fixed or minimum charges, No Contract term. Pricing can be based on a Pay Per Sale (PPS)  or Pay Per Action (PPA) 
basis depending on your business objectives. 

Not sure if there are opportunities in your business? 

Why not contact me for a FREE initial site survey.

Call (+44) 07510 720274   or  Email me now        

If your location is within 10 miles of the centre of GUILDFORD, I will provide an initial free survey of your office, factory or workshop to look for opportunities for saving. Could be opportunities to save time, materials or energy. I will work with you to identify your priorities.

At the end of that initial FREE survey (approx 2 hours) , I will assess if savings can exceed the cost of an extended survey, if the period of the survey is extended (only at your request), this will be charged at £50 for a further period of up to a maximum of 2 hours. 

Following the survey, I will send you a summary of the opportunities for a reduction in your costs. I can also assist, if help is required, in implementing changes.

If the initial survey identifies that further work or a detailed analysis is required, I would provide an estimate or quote a day rate depending on the size of the project for that future work.